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Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer

Automatic Laser Particle Size Analyzer


The particle size analyzer is a relatively general particle size analyzer that measures the size of powder particles according to the principle of light scattering. It has a wide dynamic range, fast measurement speed, and easy operation, making it ideal for measuring powder and liquid droplets with a wide particle size distribution. As a new type of particle size testing instrument, particle size analyzer has been widely used in other powder processing and application fields. Its application is of great significance to improve product quality and reduce energy consumption.


* Advanced optical design: It by using a convergent Fu Liye transform test technique to ensure the maximum range in the short focal length, effectively improve the instrument resolution; high density detection unit is unique, so that it has a small particle testing ability strong, high density detection unit using it with full range of seamless super capacity test the.

* Anti dry ultrasound: ultrasonic anti-dry function can be realized to avoid damage to the ultrasonic in the absence of water.

* Dust proof and shockproof design.

* Sample residue-free design and bubble-free design.

* Misoperation protection: The instrument has a self-protection function for misoperation, and the instrument does not respond to misoperation.

* Dry Wet Switching: one button automatic switching of software.(BPSA-6100D)

Technical Parameters:




Test Aange

wet process:

0.01μm -1250μm

dry process:

0.1μm -1250μm

0.1μm -300μm

Test Speed

<1min/ times (excluding sample dispersion time)

Number of D etector Channels

wet process: 112

dry process: 102


Accuracy Error

dry process: <1%,wet process: <1%

(D50 value of national standard sample)

<1%(D50 value of national standard sample)

Repeatability Error

dry process: <1%, wet process: <0.5%

(D50 value of national standard sample)

<0.5%(D50 value of national standard sample)

Wet Process


Frequency: f=40KHz, power: p=80W, time: optional, adjustable, with ultrasonic anti drying

Cycle and Stir

Integrated design of circular mixing, speed: 100-3950rpm, adjustable speed

Integrated design of circular mixing, speed: 10-3000rpm, adjustable speed

Circulating Flow

Rated flow: 0-10L/min adjustable rated power: 25W

Sample Cell

The design of boiling type sample pool, the dispersion effect is better, capacity: 190-600mL can be normal test

Shading Detection

The instrument has a unique real-time detection function of the shade, to ensure that the amount of samples added more accurate

Dry Process

Dispersion Mode

High pressure air dispersion


Feeding Method

Mechanical stepless speed regulation, vibration feeding, software control

Oil Free Mute Air Compressor

With dust filtering function to ensure the accuracy of the test

Cold Dryer

The freeze drier can filter the moisture in the air and guarantee the dispersing effect


AC220V±10%, 50/60Hz(Standard)

AC110±10%, 60Hz(Optional)

Package Size(mm)








Gross Weight(kg)



UkurdanUji adalah unit bisnis dari JVM yang memiliki fokus mendistribusikan alat ukur dan uji di Indonesia. Kami berusaha semaksimal mungkin menjaga kualitas produk dan pelayanan untuk Anda.

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