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Automatic Purge and Trap Device


1. It can automatically run 72 samples without personnel on duty;

2. Power on self-test, fault alarm and prompt, temperature overload protection function, leakage protection function, etc.;

3. The gas path adopts inert treated stainless steel tube and PEEK tube, and adopts well-known brand electric switching valve and electronic pressure sensor, which can display the carrier gas pressure in real time and achieve stable retention time;

4. Detection method parameter setting, real-time cloud image display working status, running time, flow, etc.;

5. Program control the temperature of sample area, injection valve, purge tube, sample transfer tube, cold trap, water removal trap and trap tube desorption zone, the desorption temperature heating rate can reach 2000℃/min;

6. 7-inch touch screen, easy to operate, can smoothly realize the human-computer interaction process;

7. Syringe pump automatic filling function;

8. The GC and GCMS chromatographic data processing workstation can be started synchronously, and the device can also be started by external programs;

9. The new software control system can automatically perform functions such as purging, trapping, desorption, sample injection, and backflushing with one key;

10. Methanol cleaning and high-temperature water cleaning technology can effectively reduce cross-contamination and residual problems in the process of high-concentration liquid or solid analysis;

11. Adopt MFC flow controller, which can automatically adjust the sample flow and control the sample volume;

12. The device has the function of automatic sample stirring; the U-shaped purge tube can be selected from 5ml and 25ml;

13. The automatic backflushing function of the entire purging and sampling system can avoid cross-contamination of different samples;

14. The trap is equipped with a water removal trap to reduce the impact of water vapor on GCGCMS;

15. The instrument is equipped with interfaces for various instruments, which can be connected to various GC and GCMS;

16. Added log, help, stopwatch, and more convenience.

Technical Parameter:



Temperature Control Range of Water Trap

RT~240 ℃, with an increment of 1°C, the heating power is about 100W;

Temperature Control Range of Valve Injection System

RT~220 ℃, with an increment of 1°C, the heating power is about 150W;

Temperature Control Range of Sample Transmission Pipeline

RT~220 ℃, with an increment of 1°C, the heating power is about 200W;

(low voltage power supply is used for temperature control of transmission line for operation safety)

Desorption Temperature Control Range of Capture Tube

RT to 400 ℃, the increment is 1 ℃;

(heating rate2000 ℃ / min)

Cold Trap Temperature

The lowest cooling temperature can reach – 30 ℃, and electronic refrigeration device is used;

Sample Temperature Control Range

RT~90 ℃, with an increment of 1°C, the heating power is about 250W;

Hot Water Pool Temperature Control Range

RT~90 ℃, with an increment of 1°C, the heating power is about 220W;

Purge Pipe Temperature Control Range:

RT~90 ℃, with an increment of 1°C, the heating power is about 50W;

Temperature Control Accuracy

± 0.1 ℃

Temperature Control Gradient

± 1 ℃

Sample Position

72 positions

Sample Bottle Specification


Purging Flow

0~500ml / min (continuously adjustable);

Back blowing flow

0 ~ 200ml / min (continuously adjustable)

Power Supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz (Standard);110V, 60Hz (Optional, External transformer)

External Size(W*D*H)

870 * 500* 570mm

Net Weight


Package Size(W*D*H)


Gross Weight


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