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Automatic Thermal Desorption Instrument BK-TD50A


1.Power on self-test, fault alarm and prompt function, temperature overload protection function, leakage protection function, gas path differential pressure alarm function, etc., which improves the safety factor of the instrument.

2. The sample position is up to 50, which can meet the daily sample analysis.

3. The adsorption tube can automatically take off the cap and put on the cap automatically, and automatically detect the gas path leakage.

4. Electronic pressure and flow display function.

5. The imported switching valve and solenoid valve are used for gas path control, which has stable performance and effectively prevents sample contamination.

6. All gas pipes have been passivated.

7. New human-computer interaction interface, separate function of detection method, real-time cloud chart display working state, running time, flow, etc;

8. The program control of sample coil position can realize the specified pipe position detection, and can add sample tube at any time according to the demand, which makes the detection process more flexible and smooth;

9. The GC and workstation can be started synchronously, and the anticontrol between GC and GC can also be realized;

10. The machine has the function of analog sampling of standard sample, which is convenient to obtain the working curve;

11. Low temperature secondary desorption function, using electronic refrigeration and two-stage flash thermal desorption process;

12. It has the function of sample diversion, which can prevent contamination of the instrument when detecting high concentration samples;

13. Add log, help, stopwatch and other functions to provide more convenience.


Meet the following standards:

1. HJ / 644-2013 determination of volatile organic compounds in ambient air by adsorption tube sampling thermal desorption gas chromatography mass spectrometry;

2. HJ / t400-2007 sampling and determination method of volatile organic compounds and aldehydes and ketones in vehicles;

3. GB / t18883-2002 indoor air quality standard;

4. HJ / 583-2010 determination of Benzene Series in ambient air by solid adsorption / thermal desorption gas chromatography;

5. Hj734-2014 determination of waste volatile organic compounds from stationary pollution sources by solid phase adsorption / thermal desorption gas chromatography;

6. GB / 50325-2020 standard for indoor environmental pollution control of civil building engineering, etc.

Technical Parameter:



Primary Desorption Temperature

RT~400 ℃, incremental 1 °C any set

Injection System Temperature

RT~300 ℃, incremental 1 °C any set

Sample Transfer Tube Temperature

RT~300 ℃, incremental 1 °C any set

Secondary Desorption Temperature

RT~400 ℃, incremental 1 °C any set;

Heating rate>2000℃/min

Cold Trap Temperature

-35~50°C, incremental 1 °C any set, (using electronic refrigeration device, no need for liquid nitrogen refrigeration)

Temperature Control Accuracy


Temperature Control Gradient


Sample Position

50 positions

Desorption Recovery Rate

>98% (related to components)

Backflushing Cleaning Flow

0100ml/min (continuously adjustable)

Analog Sampling Flow


Power Supply

AC220V, 50/60Hz (Standard);110V, 60Hz (Optional, External transformer)

External Size(W*D*H)


Net Weight


Package Size(W*D*H)


Gross Weight


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