Bed Unit Ozone Sterilizer ZY-Y-CY5G


* 7 inch color touch screen, microcomputer control, long service life, low light loss and system energy consumption and convenient man-machine interaction.

* With consumable life alarm function.

* Manual/automatic mode is optional, free to set disinfection time.

* Clock display function to accumulate disinfection time, real-time temperature monitoring.

* Special lockers are provided before and after the machine to facilitate users to store items such as ozone output tubes.

* With ozonolysis device, the treated gas can be directly discharged into the air, healthy and pollution-free.

* Equipped with high-power air compressor, so that ozone can completely enter the interior of cotton wool and other items for disinfection.

* Stainless steel ceramic ozonator, high purity ozone, large amount of production, long service life.

Technical Parameters:



Ozone Output


Ozone Concentration




Power Supply

220V, 50Hz

Special Function

Single and twin bed mode, Temperature detection, Analytical agent change prompt, Selection of disinfection cycles, Time can be set and scheduled disinfection is available

External Size(L*W*H)


Package Size(L*W*H)


Gross Weight


UkurdanUji adalah unit bisnis dari JVM yang memiliki fokus mendistribusikan alat ukur dan uji di Indonesia. Kami berusaha semaksimal mungkin menjaga kualitas produk dan pelayanan untuk Anda.

Untuk pemesanan Alat Pengontrol pH Digital KL018 atau info lengkap mengenai pH Meter silahkan hubungi kami di Kontak Kami. Anda juga dapat mengunjungi toko kami di Jl. Raya Baturraden KM 07 No.17 Rempoah Kec.Baturraden Kab.Banyumas 53151 untuk mendapatkan penawaran khusus dan pelayanan langsung dari kami.

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