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Beekeeping- Refractometer PCE-5890

Beekeeping- Refractometer PCE-5890

Jual alat ukur dan alat uji Refractometer Beekeeping- Refractometer PCE-5890 murah berkualitas terjamin – Jika anda ingin membeli alat uji atau beli alat ukur, kami CV. Java Multi Mandiri sebagai supplier alat ukur dan alat uji yang terpercaya menyediakan produk yang anda cari . Produk Beekeeping- Refractometer PCE-5890 kami kategorikan dalam Refractometer

Beekeeping- Refractometer PCE-5890

Jika anda mencari tempat untuk membeli alat pengukur Beekeeping- Refractometer PCE-5890 maka kami lah solusinya karena kami perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang jual beli alat ukur – alat uji

Deskripsi Beekeeping- Refractometer PCE-5890

Beekeeping Refraktometer PCE-5890 delivery

PCE-5890 Beekeeping – Refractometer
measures sugar content, water content and baum of honey

With the PCE-5890 Refractometer for beekeeping can accurately determine the water and sugar content of honey. The Refractometer has a triple scale which allows the user to view all the parameters at once. Honey is a sweet substance produced by bees taking nectar and other liquids with sugar content that are found in plants and the enrich and transform them with substances contained in their bodies. This substance is stored in beehives to be matured. Honey can be found either as a liquid, somewhat like a paste or crystalised.
The Refractometer should be tested at least once a year before that start of the beekeeping season. To take a measurement a reference solution should also be used. The beekeeping would be the person in charge of taking the measurement. (See: Use and maintenance of a refractometer). Before harvesting the honey, its water content should be <17%. The device is capable of temperature conpensation.

Technical Specifications
Measurement ranges
12 to 27% water content
58 to 90% brix
35 to 43 baum
±1% water content
±0.5% brix
±0.5 baum
1% water content
0.5% brix
0.5 baum
beekeeping, honey production, food
Temperature compensation
147 x 29mm diameter

Delivery contents
1x Refractometer for grape growing,
carrying case
user’s manual

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