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Blood Plasma Extractor BJPX-FJ


1. Manual separation, easy to operate.

2. Using a transparent splint, it is easy to observe the separation of plasma and red blood cells.

3. The body is made of 304 brushed stainless steel, which is beautiful and easy to clean and disinfect.

Technical Parameters:

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BIOBASE BPE-Ⅰmedical Blood Plasma Extractor


Plasma Extractor is designed to extract blood component from centrifuged bags. It is widely used in hospital, blood station, etc. After the plasma of blood bags is layered, the pressure of plasma-separating clip enables different components of blood to be extruded from top to bottom.


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Blood Thaw Machine BJPX-PT8


* Special shape design of main control panel, easy to observe, control, ergonomic.

* Microcomputer PID precision temperature control technology, high temperature control precision.

* Digital display temperature, swing frequency, time.

* The liner is made of high quality rust-proof wire drawing stainless steel.

* Configuration of leakage current, overvoltage protector.

* With overtemperature alarm, the temperature in the box exceeds the set temperature 1℃ will start the alarm.

* Independent overtemperature control system design, with double protection function, to ensure the safety of use.

Technical Parameters:

Note: The relevant data were measured when the ambient temperature was 25°C and the relative humidity was less than 85%.

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Blood Transport Box BJPX-PZ8 BJPX-PZ12 BJPX-PZ15 BJPX-PZ19 BJPX-PZ30


Small size, light weight, easy to transport

The use adopts microcomputer control, semiconductor refrigeration, manual adjustment, automatic cooling and heating

The insulation layer of the box is made of polyurethane foam, which has strong heat insulation ability

Multiple choices of power supply mode: 220V AC power supply, 12V vehicle power supply

Using high-efficiency refrigeration sheet and high-precision temperature control system, it can reach the set temperature in a short time

Technical Parameters

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Blood Thaw Machine BJPX-PT6 BJPX-PT12 BJPX-PT24


* High definition touch screen, sensitive operation.

* Real-time temperature curve display.

* Traceability management system, real-time record storage temperature data in the melting process.

* A variety of thawing modes are available to adapt to thawing and rewarming of frozen plasma, platelets and blood products with different volumes.

* Double circulation system, more constant temperature in the melting process, effectively eliminate the precipitation of fibrin, protect the active components of plasma.

* Disintegrated water tank, convenient for regular deep cleaning and disinfection of equipment.

* Equipped with a code scanning device, which can scan and record the thawing data of each bag of plasma, including thawing start and end date, time, and temperature data information during thawing.(Optional)

* Standby automatic water refill, one key cleaning function, with temperature and water level protection function. (Only for BJPX-PT12 and BJPX-PT24)

* Dual use of one machine to realize the fast switching between dry and wet thawing.(Only for optional isolated water type )

* The waterproof bag is made of medical composite material, which ensures the thermal conductivity of the thawing bag and the contact area between the thawing bag and the plasma bag. (Only for optional isolated water type )

Technical Parameters:

Note: The relevant data were measured when the ambient temperature was 25°C and the relative humidity was less than 85%.

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