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Kjeldahl Apparatus

GCH-03 Gas Collection Hood Exhaust System Scrubber

The anti-corrosion processed vacuum pump with low noise, large suction, low waste gas exhausting and power saving function

* Unique efficient neutralization device expand the contact area between gas and solutions. It is available for acid gas neutralizing, absorbing, and letting the operating environment safety.

* The triangle filtration system including water filtration, alkali neutralizing and activated carbon filtration. It has perfect neutralizing and absorbing function, can neutralize acid mist and reacting gas which is generated from Kjeldahl processing or any other processing.

* PTFE anti-corrosion design of the pipe system enhance equipments life.

* Flow rate is adjustable, let operation flexibly.

Technical Parameters:

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Semi Automatic Kjeldahl Nitrogen Analyzer AKN-01 AKN-01S


1.7-inch high-resolution color LCD display, real-time control of the experimental process

2.Manual/automatic dual mode can be switched freely. In the automatic mode, it can automatically quantitatively add lye, boric acid receiving solution, dilution water and other automatic waste discharge systems. After the experiment is completed, the waste liquid in the digestive tube is automatically discharged, and the rinsing time can be set freely.

3.The distillation time can be set arbitrarily, and the alarm prompts the end of the distillation. The safety protection design of the experiment, the safety door protection and the reminder function that the digestive tube is not in place

4.Water-saving function design, condensed water flow rate 1.5L/min, real-time flow monitoring, low water pressure alarm display

5.Real-time monitoring of steam generator temperature, pressure and water level to ensure safe and reliable experiment process

6.Emergency stop operation function and automatic fault detection function, sound and light alarm in case of fault, intelligent bullet box display

7.Adopt high reliable PTFE pump, special corrosion resistance, anti crystallization, stable liquid addition, stable negative pressure suction

8.The whole machine of the instrument is made of ABS engineering plastics, which is corrosion-resistant, waterproof and leak-proof

Technical Parameters

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