Leakage Tester

Leakage Tester-BK-ST132


* Microcomputer control, test parameters can be set, the test process is fully automated.

* PVC operation panel, multiple parameters display at the same time.

* High-quality plexiglass pipe, wall thickness up to 15mm.

* Can realize the test process of one-key operation.

* Pneumatic components sealing performance is superior, reliable quality.

* Automatic constant pressure air supply, automatic backblowing unloading pressure.

* External compressed air filter device, easy to drain water and clean impurities.

* Dual power supply independent power supply.

Technical Parameter:

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Leakage Tester-BK-ST130


* Manually adjust the pressure and control the pressure holding.

* The performance of pneumatic components is stable and reliable.

* High quality plexiglass sealing barrel, effectively enhance the compressive strength.

* Electronic pressure holding device, reduce mechanical wear.

* PVC operation panel, LED display.

* Built-in time display, convenient for users to record and observe the pressure holding time.

Technical Parameter:

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Leakage Tester-BK-ST134


* Microcomputer control, test parameters can be set, automatic testing process

* LCD screen display

* Sealed chamber is made of high quality plexiglass tubing with 15mm thickness

* Backflush automatically to unload pressure

Technical Parameters:

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