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Soil Testing Instrument

Soil Auger Kits


1. The sampler is made of stainless steel, without pollution to sample

2. Pedal type, more convenient, fast, reduce the labor intensity

3. Take 15‐20CM of the soil samples each time.

4. The material is hard and the shape is not easy to be bent and twisted.

5. The exterior of the soil sampler is marked with scale values, each scale is 100mm, which provides a reference for taking soil samples of different depths.

6. The soil sampling head, the connecting pipe and the handle are all connected by thread, which does not occupy the volume after disassembly, and is convenient for transportation.

7. When it is necessary to measure soil moisture data, it can be used as the connecting rod of the soil moisture sensor.

8. The depth of sampling is: 1m, 1.5m, 2m.

Technical Parameters:

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Soil Moisture, Temperature, And Salinity Recorder


Ø Small and exquisite, easy to carry and LCD display;

Ø Collect settings: working unattended can be set to timing or manual collect data, recording and save data automatically;

Ø Both AC and DC available, internal lithium battery: 8.4v 1500mAh, with function: charging protection, low voltage prompt. Also can be placed for a long time to record location;

Ø Storage capacity: up to 30,000 groups in handset, and standard equipped with 4G Micro SD.

Ø Data can be read on handset and also import to PC.

Ø Power-off memory function: data already saved in SD card won’t lose when lose power.

Ø Probe to probe Consistency, handset can connect different kinds sensor by concentrator without influence on accuracy.

Ø Auto detection: when sensor connects to handset, you can search different sensor.

Ø Synchronous detection: 32 channels to detect same time as you combine.

Ø RS485 wire communication, sensor communication cables could reach about 100 meters.

Ø Low-power design, equipped with system monitor and protection function to avoid short circuit or interference from external.


Ø Showing the curve trends of each parameter, Max, Min, and Avg. Zoom in and out function.

Ø Coloring the overrun area function which is visual display.

Ø Save the data in EXCEL format as a copy.

Ø Be able to view period of parameter or graph, and can be printed.

Ø All curvilinear coordinates can be set and move, which make analysis easier.

Technical Parameters:

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Non-nuclear Soil Density Meter


Fast, reliable, lightweight, robust, accurate, and reproducible real-time readings.

Adopt high-quality and reliable point-to-point RF technology

2-3 minutes to display the measurement results

Using digital DDS frequency synthesis technology, no calibration is required, and there will be no data drift during use

Technical Parameters:

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