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COVID-19 Rapid Test QPCR Kit

BIOBASE Covid-19 Lgm/lgG Ab Rapid Test

Product characteristics:

The risk of medical staff is small, reducing the probability of droplet infection.

It's fast and takes only 10 minutes to produces results.

No special testing environment and personnel training is required.

Compared with nucleic acid test swabs and pharyngeal swabs, it is less affected by samples and has high accuracy.

Dosage is less, only 1 drop of serum or plasma sample is needed.

Testing IgM and IgG at the same time to reduce the testing time.

Convenient, fast, suitable for mass screening.


When the human body is infected with the 2019-nCoV, the first antibody produced is the specific Igm antibody, which is generally produced after 3-7days of infection, and is replaced by a large number of specific IgG antibodies produced about two weeks later. Therefore, IgM and IgG of the 2019-nCoV specific antibodies can be used as an auxiliary means for the diagnosis of suspected patients.(Not Available in the U.S)


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