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Vein Finder

Vein Finder BK-VIA100

Principle of imaging

The oxyhemoglobin and deoxyhemoglobin in the blood have a stronger absorption rate of infrared light than other tissues. According to this principle, the imager uses infrared light source to illuminate, and after the processing of infrared special camera system and photoelectric signal processing system, the clear blood vessel image is displayed on the screen in real time.


1.Infrared special 5 million pixels HD camera, no deviation, no delay, high image definition

2.Narrow band infrared light source, no radiation, no damage

3.6.5-inch industrial HD display, advanced image processing technology, can realize vascular visualization

4.Two kinds of image enhancement and color enhancement mode, clear venous angiography, improve the success rate of venipuncture

5.The support can be folded and retractable, and the screen can be flipped freely to facilitate vein observation at different angles

6.It is suitable for auxiliary observation and search of subcutaneous veins, auxiliary venipuncture, outpatient transfusion, etc


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