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Other Lab Equipments

Ultrasonic Cleaner Single Frequency Type


* Standard basket and lid.

* Time and temperature real-time display.

* Fully microprocessor controller and programmable.

* Digital display, easy operation for time and temperature.

* Low-level water protection (UC-20S, UC-20SII, UC-30S, UC-30SII, UC-50S, UC-60S, UC-70S).

* Standard Power Supply: AC220v±10%» 50/60Hz; 110V±10%, 60Hz (Except for UC-5S, UC-10S, UC-20S, UC-20SII).


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Overhead Stirrer OS20-H OS40-H


1.LCD display, speed and time can be coarsely adjusted, in the working state can

2.also be fine tuning the working time;

3.The rotating speed is 30-2200rpm, can fixer or controlled for high and low speed;

4.Using DC brushless motor, can run safely for a long time with excellent performance;

5.Overload and motor protection. In case of overload, short circuit or abnormal

6.condition, the circuit will be automatically cut off and alarm will be given to ensure

7.the safety of the experiment;

8.Equipped with the agitator hole, no need to adjust the installation height of the

9.instrument, just adjust the installation position of the stirring rod;

10.The torque can be adjusted automatically according to the viscosity change of the

11.sample, which is convenient for experimental operation;

12.A variety of stirring paddle, bracket optional.

Technical Parameters

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