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Other Lab Equipments

Grinding Machine


* The all-metal body improves the stability and safety of the whole machine.

* The safety lock of the working chamber ensures the safety of samples and laboratory.

* There is no cross-contamination, and the sample tube is fully enclosed during the crushing process.

* Good repeatability. The same procedure can be set for the same tissue sample to obtain the same grinding effect.

* A large number of simultaneous operations can be performed, and the effect is good.

Technical Parameters:

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Solvent Filtration Apparatus


* It is made of high quality toughened glass.

* With good press-resistance and leakproofness, it could be used for sterilizing at high temperature of 121°C.

* The PTFE type is acid and alkali resistant, corrosion resistant, can filter all kinds of aqueous solution, organic solution and corrosive liquid.

Standard Accessory:

Solvent Filter system consists of solvent filter

Filter Include:

* Triangle fluid bottle

* Core filter head

* Filter bowl

* Clamp

* Dust cover

* Rubber hose

* Hose linker

Technical Parameters:

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Freezer Racks and Freezer Boxes


* Made of corrosion-resistant 304 stainless steel, it can be frozen and thawed repeatedly and stored for a long


* Products can be used for sample storage in ultra-low temperature upright refrigerators.

* The product can withstand temperature range: -196°C to 121C.

Freezer Racks Parameters

Freezer Box Parameters

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Ultra-low Volume Sprayer

Ultra-low Volume Sprayer


1. No external power supply, one key startup, flexible and convenient

2. Military grade waterproof standard, high-speed brushless fan

3. Multifunction ceramic sprinkler head can be replaced at will, ultra-low, hedge, indoor and outdoor in one machine

4.Large diameter water inlet without funnel

5.No pollution, zero emission, no exhaust gas, low noise

6. Intelligent automatic water cleaning cycle system (only for BK-ULS2/3)

Technical Parameters:

Ultra-low Volume Sprayer

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