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Other Lab Equipments

Jar Tester


* LCD display

* Synchro run, independent run

* Store 12 groups of programs

* Automatic calculating G & GT value

* Automatic agent dosing and elevating

Technical Parameters:

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Jacketed Glass Reactor


* GG17 high borosilicate glass, with good chemical and physical properties.

* The evaporation and back-flow of reaction material can be controlled.

* The heat of reaction could be taken away quickly through water, cycling in the jacketed glass.

* The design of large bottle mouth, easier to clean.

* It can be used as a distillation syntheses device.

* The sealing performance is 0.098 Mpa.

* LCD display, easier and more convenient to measure temperature.

Optional Equipment:

* Circulating water vacuum pump: (JGR・1L~5L, recommend mode SHZ-DIII, JGR-10L~100L, recommend model SHZ-95B)

* Refrigerated Circulator

* Circulating water/oil bath

Technical Parameters:

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Infusion Pump


Open system - compatible with all standard IV sets.

Large COLOR TFT display with adjustable brightness.

Manual/Automatic Bolus.

Anti-bolus system.

DPS dynamic pressure display.

2000 events stored can be checked and downloaded.

Five work modes: Rate Mode, Time Mode, Dose Mode, Sequential Mode and Drug

Library Mode.

Drug library with 1030 drug names (Optional).

8 Hours Internal Battery continuous operation.

Visual and audible Alarm system and accurate infusion rate for safety and reliability.

Very accurate and reliable.

Friendly user interface.

Dynamically display working status.

KVO and Bolus functions.

Automatically record the setting of last infusion.

Preset Solution Volume for nurse workload reduction.

Change the flow rate without stop during infusion

Three levels of the occlusion: high, middle, and low.

Easy to clean through the open door design.

Technical Specifications:

Infusion Pump

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