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Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2

Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2

Jual alat ukur dan alat uji Distance Meter Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2 murah berkualitas terjamin – Jika anda ingin membeli alat uji atau beli alat ukur, kami CV. Java Multi Mandiri sebagai supplier alat ukur dan alat uji yang terpercaya menyediakan produk yang anda cari . Produk Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2 kami kategorikan dalam Distance Meter

Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2

Jika anda mencari tempat untuk membeli alat pengukur Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2 maka kami lah solusinya karena kami perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang jual beli alat ukur – alat uji

Deskripsi Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2

Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2
accurate measurement with Laserlight / class 2 laser/ measureing range in: 0,5m to 25m / max., min. function/ lighted LCD- display

The distance meter LaserRange-Master X2 is a distance meter to measure length, areas and volumes. The measurement accuracy persists constant about the whole measurement range. The LaserRange-Master X2 is equipped with a new technology, so you can measure more exactly and accurately. Because of laserlight you take exact values, witch you can see on the lightend LC-display. With the plane ande volume function you can capture romm-sizes for materialweight-calculation. With addition and subtraction-function you can capure the room-extent and the wall area. The hight can be easylie and automatically determine, because of double measureing function. The instrument can be switched by two measuring levels. Min/Max-function to determinding diagonal,horzontal and vertical distances. .

– Additional angle indication. 2. + 3. The Area and Volume function captures room sizes. This allows quick calculations,e.g. for material quantities.
– Addition and subtraction of lengths.
– With the area-addition function wall surfaces can be immediately calculated.
– Consistent high measuring accuracy up to 25 m: ± 3 mm.
– Inside measurement range: 0.5 m to 25 m.
– 2 selectable measurement reference points,front, tripod, rear and pin
– Max function to determine diagonals
– Min function to determine shortest distance
– Illuminated LC display

Technical data
Accuracy± 3mm (typisch)%
Measurement range25 m
minimal coverage0,5 m
Laser class2 < 1mW
Laser wavelength650 nm
Unit (selectable)m / ft / inch / _’_”
FeaturesPythagoras 1 + 2,3, areas, volume , addition and substraction of length , area addition, Min.-/Max.-/ Dauermessung
PowersupplyBatteries 2 x 1,5 V Typ AAA
Dimensions (B x H x T)43 x 110 x 28 mm
Weight with batteries110 g
Memoryfor 50 measuring ranges
Auto shut off45 sec Laser / 3 min instrument
Operating temperature-10°C – 40°C
Storage temperature-20°C – 70°C

Delivery contents:

1x Distance Meter LaserRange-Master X2, 1x case ,, 1x batteries ( 2 x 1,5 V Typ AAA)

Prosedur pembelian kami adalah CBD (Cash Before Delivery), serta Down Payment untuk status barang inden dan dapat secara langsung datang ke Kantor kami COD (Cash On Delivery).

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