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Double-side Class II A2 Biological Safety Cabinet BSC-1500IIA2-S


1. There are two front openings for easy operation, which can be operated by two people at the same time.

2. It is convenient for the installation and replacement of high-efficiency filters.

3. The cabinet is designed with an inclined angle, which conforms to the principle of ergonomics and has a larger viewing angle.

4. The side wall panels of the working area adopt an integrated structure, and the inner corners are rounded, which is easy to clean.

5. The working area adopts negative pressure surround design, which is safer.

6. The workbench adopts a basin-shaped design, even if the waste liquid overflows in the experiment, it will not flow into the liquid accumulation tank, which is easy to clean.

7. The integrated design of casters and brackets can be fixed and leveled by adjusting the legs of the casters.

8. The cabinet and bracket can be separated, and the height of the bracket can be customized.

9. The maintenance and replacement of the filter and fan of the safety cabinet can be carried out at the front side of the safety cabinet, which is more convenient.

10. The glass adopts double-layer laminated explosion-proof safety glass, even if the glass is broken, it will not hurt people.

11. 7-inch touch screen, displaying the dynamics of airflow, downflow velocity, inflow velocity, temperature, humidity, clock, resistance of supply and exhaust filters.

12. Power-off recovery function: key memory function, fan, sunlight, lighting with power-off memory function.

13. Screen lock function: touch the lock screen button, the operation interface is locked, and other function keys are locked at the same time.

14. It has the timer switch function of fan, ultraviolet and socket, and the timer shutdown function; it saves working time.

15. User password modification, the user can set the power-on password of the safety cabinet.

16. Through the selection of high-quality fans and high-efficiency filters, and the reasonable design of the air duct structure, the air velocity of the biological safety cabinet must meet the requirements.

Technical Parameters



External Size(W*D*H)


Internal Size(W*D*H)


Tested Opening

Safety height 200mm

Max Opening


Inflow Velocity


Downflow Velocity


ULPA filter

Two,99.9995% efficiency at0.12μm,filter life indicator

Front Window

Two-layer laminated toughened glass≥5mm. Anti UV.


≤67 dB

UV Lamp


UV timer, UV life indicator, emission of 253.7 nanometers for most efficient decontamination

LED lamp







Two, Total consumption: 500W


LCD display

Control System

70% air recirculation, 30% air exhaust

Visual and Audio Alarm

Filter replacement, window over height, abnormal air flow velocity; High filter pressure alarm


Work Zone: 304 stainless steel

Main Body: Cold-rolled steel with anti-bacteria powder coating

Work Surface Height

750mm with base stand

Power Supply

AC220V 50/60Hz; 110V 60Hz

Standard Accessory

Cabinet*1, Base stand*1, Fan*1, Supply filter*1, Exhaust filter*1, LED lamp*2, UV lamp*2, Drain ball valve*1, Socket*2

Optional Accessory

Arm rest, Formalin fumigation sterilizer, Infrared sterilizer, S.S. water tap, S.S. gas tap

Package Size(W*D*H)


Gross Weight


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