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Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH

Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH

Jual alat ukur dan alat uji Humidity Detector Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH murah berkualitas terjamin – Jika anda ingin membeli alat uji atau beli alat ukur, kami CV. Java Multi Mandiri sebagai supplier alat ukur dan alat uji yang terpercaya menyediakan produk yang anda cari . Produk Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH kami kategorikan dalam Humidity Detector

Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH

Jika anda mencari tempat untuk membeli alat pengukur Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH maka kami lah solusinya karena kami perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang jual beli alat ukur – alat uji

Deskripsi Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH

Humidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH applicationHumidity detector PCE-MSR145S-TH software

Humidity detector for measurements over prolonged periods of time, weighs only 18g, memory for 2,000,000 readings for humidity, pressure, temperature, acceleration and position, uses a Lithium-ion battery.

The PCE-MSR145S-TH humidity detector is used for measuring and storing different physical magnitudes. The humidity detector contains sensors for temperature, both humidity and temperature, pressure and acceleration using three axis (X, Y and Z). Measurement data from the PCE-MSR145 can be transferred at the end of a measurement cycle, or while data are being gathered. Using the software, which comes included, measurement intervals can be set and data can be stored on the PCE-MSR145S-TH according to your requirements. Thanks to the integrated real time clock data can be grouped by synchronizing time intervals from a set of humidity detectors and all within the same indez. Typical fields of use for this humidity detector include transport, pharmaceutical industry, technical environments, aviation, research and development, manufacturing of machinery, medicine, chemistry and industrial textiles.

– Temperature

– Relative humidity with temperature sensor integrated

– Memory for 2,000,000 readings

– Start / Stop via keypad

– Weighs only 18 grams

– Compact design, only 52mm (MSR145S)

– USB port

– Software for data analysis is included

– Date and time

– Adjustable measurement quota (1 sec. to 12 h.)

– Long life Lithium-Ion rechargeable battery

– Status indicated by 3 LEDs (with alarm)


Using the software package included with the device, it is possible to read and analyse stored data. To ensure that the date and time remains constant for a series of data, the PCE-MSR145 comes with a real time clock (RTC).

Technical specifications

Measurement range:

-10ºC up to 65ºC
0 – 100% r.h., -20ºC up to 65ºC



±0.1ºC (5ºC up to 45ºC)
±0.2ºC (-10ºC up to 65ºC)
±2% r.h. (10 – 90% r.h., 0ºC up to 40ºC)
±0.5ºC (0ºC up to 40ºC)
Measurement quota:
Temperature and humidity

1/s for 12 h

up to 2,000,000 readings
Start / finish time and date
Alarm levels
user adjustable
Status indication
3 LEDs
Dew point
is calculated by the software once data has been received (accuracy of ±2ºC)
rechargeable lithium-polymer (170 mAh)
Batteries are charged via the USB port
A single charge will last several months (1 measurement per minute).
Operating conditions
-20 to 65ºC / 500 mbar to 2500 absolute
20 x 15 x 52mm PCE-MSR 145S
16 g PCE-MSR 145S
Operating temperature
-20 to 70°C
Cover material
meets with EU RoHS / WEEE
PCE-MSR 145S: IP 60


1 x PCE-MSR145S-TH humidity detector
1 x software with cable
1 x user’s manual

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