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Multifunctional Electric Bed MF402D-22


1. Bed frame: It is welded with high-quality profile steel; electrostatic spray on the surface, firm, durable, beautiful and generous.

2. Bed board: It is made of high-quality cold-rolled steel plate, one time formed; electrostatic spray on the surface, anti-corrosion, easy to clean.

3. Bed head and bed foot: They are made of ABS high-quality engineering plastics, one time molded, with beautiful appearance. Plug-in installation, removable and can be inserted into the bedside card, with a protective anti-collision wheel at the bottom.

4. Casters: 125MM luxury central control casters of well-known brand, flexible rotation, synchronous braking, convenient locking, safety and stability.

5. Guardrails: The lifting guardrail and the bed board are lifted synchronously, the angle display shows the angle of each part, the damper controls the speed and noise to lift easily. It provides safety protection to prevent patients from falling, the embedded key structure greatly improves the patient’s autonomy, the patient can adjust the required position according to their own needs.

6. Weighing system: Weigh the patient’s weight to provide clinical rescue solutions for medical staff.

7. Electronic control system: Motor of well-known brand and control system with stable operation and high safety.

8. Central control screen: Medical staff can control the whole bed function through the central operating system to provide patients with more comfortable postures.


9. OLED LCD screen: display and calibration

10. Measurement data: storage; pause display function

11. Key: backlight display

12. Measurement display unit switching: kg/lb

Technical Parameter:



Size (L*W*H) mm

2250*1080*500~800 (±10mm)

Back Panel Adjustable Angle Range


Thigh Panel Adjustable Angle Range


Calf Panel Adjustable Angle Range


Maximum backward tilt angle of the whole bed


Maximum forward tilt angle of the whole bed


Power supply

220V/110V, 50/60Hz

Safe Load


Protection Grade


Device Class

Category II

Package Size (L*W*H) mm


Net Weight


Gross Weight


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