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Stroboscope MDG83M

Stroboscope MDG83M

Jual alat ukur dan alat uji Stroboscope Stroboscope MDG83M murah berkualitas terjamin – Jika anda ingin membeli alat uji atau beli alat ukur, kami CV. Java Multi Mandiri sebagai supplier alat ukur dan alat uji yang terpercaya menyediakan produk yang anda cari . Produk Stroboscope MDG83M kami kategorikan dalam Stroboscope

Stroboscope MDG83M

Jika anda mencari tempat untuk membeli alat pengukur Stroboscope MDG83M maka kami lah solusinya karena kami perusahaan yang bergerak dalam bidang jual beli alat ukur – alat uji

Deskripsi Stroboscope MDG83M

Processor-operated Stroboscope MDG83M / Measurement of ignition setting, rotational speed, voltage, interface and dwell-angle / for Otto motors

An Stroboscope can be used to detect the ideal point for ignition in areas of auto mobiles. The Stroboscope is preferably used to adjust the ignition of older engines. When such old engines ignite early, it can lead to a heat-up of the engine at higher rotational speed. That’s why it is important to check the ignition setting of older engines every thousand kilometers and, if necessary, to calibrate it. In order to do this, the Stroboscope is clamped to the engine battery for power supply. For further information about the Stroboscope, please read the following technical data. Our engineers and technicians will gladly advise you regarding the Stroboscope MDG83M and all other products in the terms of regulation and control, or scales and balances of PCE Instruments.

– LED display
– to check gas engines
– ignition setting-, rotation and voltage measuring
– delivery in transportation case
– interface- and dwell-angle checking
– processor-operated

Technical data for the Stroboscope MDG83M

Ignition setting


Rotational speed

300…9999 rpm


0 ° … 99 °


10 V … 18 V


1.5 kg


in protection case

Delivery content of the Stroboscope MDG83M

1 x Stroboscope MDG83M with digital display, 1 x cable set Otto with inductive clamp, 1 x adapter cable with needle clamp

Prosedur pembelian kami adalah CBD (Cash Before Delivery), serta Down Payment untuk status barang inden dan dapat secara langsung datang ke Kantor kami COD (Cash On Delivery).

Untuk spesifikasi Stroboscope MDG83M dan detail harganya nya silahkan hubungi kontak kami

Informasi dan pemesanan produk Stroboscope MDG83M, silahkan hubungi kami melalui yang tertera dibawah ini.

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