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UV Air Sterilizer (Wall Mounted) BKZII-B-800 BKZII-B-1000 BKZII-B-1200


1. The coexistence of man and machine means that it can be disinfected in a manned environment or in an unmanned environment;

2. The shell is made of metal material with modern moisture-proof and rust-proof technology, and is simple and elegant with black acrylic panels throughout;

3. It adopts a single-chip microcomputer control core, and the LCD screen displays the indoor temperature and humidity in real time. 9 groups of power on and off periods can be scheduled at will within 24 hours, and the wind speed is adjustable in three gears;

4. It has automatic accumulation of working hours, and 4 working modes: manual, scheduled, automatic and temporary, which are convenient for users to choose;

5. It has ultraviolet lamp, fan, negative ion module, plasma module failure alarm, filter and ultraviolet lamp maintenance prompt alarm;

6. It adopts an easy-to-remove filter design and has a built-in high-concentration negative ion generator to release negative ions to absorb dust particles in the air and purify the air.

Technical Parameters:





Applicable Room

≤80 m³

≤100 m³

≤120 m³

Circulating Air

≥800 m³/h

≥1000 m³/h

≥1200 m³/h

Shell Material

High quality cold rolled steel plate


Filter dust particles above 5μm

Disinfection Method:

Ultraviolet light (253.7nm)

UV Lamp Life

≥5000 hours

Ultraviolet Radiation Intensity (Inner)


UV Leakage




O₃ Leakage




Negative Ion Generation

≥5*106 PCS/cm3

Natural Bacteria Extinction Rate


Sterilization Rate of Staphylococcus Albus








Power Supply

AC220V±10%,50/60Hz;110V,60Hz(Optional, External transformer)

External Size(L*W*H)


Net Weight

17.6 kg

17.8 kg

18 kg

Packing Size(L*W*H)


Gross Weight




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